Sunday, December 21, 2008

Results from Meeting #3

We had 5 in attendance for the final meeting of the year for Club #767.

The final tallies:
Brad 2 - 1 +163
Aaron 2 - 0 +151
Rob 1 - 1 -50
Shelley 1 - 1 -118
Jim 0 - 3 -172

Jim - PONYING 96

Highest Non Bingo PLay- QUIPI* 70 by Rob

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The best play out in our 3-person-kitchen-table-game in history...

D E L P N U *

My mother Rosemary and her boyfriend Steve, were in town this week, and of course, we play Scrabble until the wee hours. The final game, however, went down in my anecdotal record books as one of the best play out bingos I had ever witnessed in 5 years of social and competitive Scrabble.

I was comfortably leading with 240, Steve 176 and mom with 165 with no letters left in the bag. I held IISU, mom GINROW, and Steve held 7 tiles one of which was the last blank, DELNPU*. It was Steve's turn with no way to win in site, or at least I thought.

Study the board (with Steve's final play removed) and see if you can find where to put Steve's incredible bingo out play for 88 points and the win.

Anyone who gets the right answer and comes to Club deserves a special prize.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Books-A-Million a Blast!

I talked my wife and children into shopping at the Charleston mall (very little arm twisting required) while I enjoyed a great afternoon with our friends from Club #620 at Books-A-Million.

There were 8 in attendance, but noticeably absent were Martha and the new queen of Scrabble herself-- Tina, who I am assuming was busy brushing up on her game by playing a few rounds with Nigel Richards, or perhaps was making a new board for Joe Edley.

The snacks were tasty, the atmosphere bustling, and the games loads of fun as usual. The full results will be posted on the Club # 620 website soon.

We look forward to everyone coming down to Huntington for Meeting #3 next Saturday, December 20th from 1-4 at the New Baptist Church. Check the website for directions,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scrabble Today!

Just a reminder, we will have NSA Club #767 meeting #2 today at the New Baptist Church Location from 1-4 pm.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Saturday Results

I cannot discuss Rob's whereabouts for fear of a HIPAA violation. Only Shelley braved the snow and cold, so we played two games before Shelley ran off to sing Alto tonight. The first game had letter maldistribution in my favor and several nonchallenged phonies (YAGG*, WOG*, and LUB*)which led to a lopsided affair.

Game two was a different story as Shelley opened with RUMBLED (78) and never looked back. I tried to climb back with a few more phonies, SHOPE* being one of them, but even they could not help. This was Shelley's first victory against me, and well deserved as she continues to prove herself an up and coming star, especially as she begins to accumulate tournament matches under her belt.

Aaron 1 - 1 +238
Shelley 1 - 1 -238



Several club records fell today in our nascent club history, none of which I am sure will stay there for long.

We look forward to having our Charleston crowd back for the 20th, as they were tournament-ing in Cleveland today- good luck NSA #620!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know there are 335 words that can be formed from THANKSGIVING?

45 Bingos, 13 Eight Letter Words, and Four 9 letter words:

Can you name any of the 9 letter words?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

December Meetings

We will have our December meetings on the 6th and 20th. To continue to grow and get people excited about playing we are going to try a new venue --the New Baptist Church (

As usual we will meet from 1-4 pm. I plan to have snacks and drinks for everyone and am looking forward to some new players trying club out. Please invite a friend or two!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 15, 2008- Club Meeting #1

Our inaugural Club #767 meeting was a success!

We had three Huntingtonians vs three non-Huntingtonians battling it out. The H-towners went 5-4, non-H-towners 4-5. A plethora of bingos were played (17).

I invited two para-Scrabblers, Zabeth and Dillon, both Marshall students, who were enjoying a game on the old-school Java board, to join us anytime and gave them my card to send me their email addresses in case they wanted on the invite list.

Brad 2-1 +150
Aaron 2-1 +129
Rob 2-1 +41
Chris 1-2 +51
Shelley 1-2 -64
Jim 1-2 -307

Aaron- Isatine (67), Snotter*(71), Cornels (71)
Brad- Antsier (75), Noisier (76), Inverse (90), Zaniest (89), Airliner (64)
Chris- Souring (71), Smaller (67), Efforts (69)
Rob- Rebanding*(78), Hitters (85), Slaving (66), Sluttier (77)
Shelley- Reusing (87), Musingly (86)

Thanks to all who came and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!